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IMX6 PCIe EP Cannot configure BAR1

Question asked by Elijah Brown on Jun 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

With the IMX6 configured as a PCIe endpoint, I try to setup BAR0 and BAR1 as 32 bit memory BARs.  The problem is that if BAR0 is configured to be a 32 bit memory BAR it seems that whatever I set in the BAR1 mask register is ignored.  This is what I do in the code:


// setup BAR0 and its mask
RegWrite(Registers32::PCIE_EP_BAR0, 0x0);
RegWrite(Registers32::PCIE_EP_MASK0, 0xFFFF);


// setup BAR1 and its mask
RegWrite(Registers32::PCIE_EP_BAR1, 0x0);

RegWrite(Registers32::PCIE_EP_MASK1, 0xFFFF);


When the RC enumerates the endpoint and writes 0xFFFFFFFF to each BAR and then reads them back, BAR0 returns 0xFFFF0000 as expected.  But BAR1 returns 0x00000000.  If I change BAR0 to be a 64 bit BAR (RegWrite(Registers32::PCIE_EP_BAR0, 0x4);) but change nothing else, then BAR1 seems to work and the RC sees it request 64K of memory as expected.


I'm using a PCIe bus analyzer to verify the config reads and writes so I know it's not an issue with the RC.  These are the values actually going across the wire to and from the IMX6.


Can a freescale engineer look into this please?  Both the datasheet and the linux example code do not enable BAR1 as a 32 bit BAR so I'm wondering if this has ever been tested or if there is a bug in the part itself.  Thanks.