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LAN7500 and imx6, how to implement

Question asked by Alex Levandovskiy on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Alex Levandovskiy

Hello, I have imx6 Board.

on the Board i have LAN7500 chip. LAN7500 connected to imx6 USB2. Over menuconfig I included driver for LAN7500. After boot I connected Ethernet cable to LAN7500 and can see, that Ethernet Link is OK(LEDs lihtning). But if I try ping some address in Internet - Linux say me "bad address". I suppose, that I have to make some more steps to implement LAN7500.

Which steps have to be done(LAN 7500 driver is already included in .config) for full funktionality LAN7500 with imx6.

Thanks in advance.