LPC11U14 flash area bug!?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vostro1000 on Tue Jan 17 08:50:26 MST 2012
Hi! I've been working with lcxpresso 11U14 board but I think I found out a silicon bug :(

I have one part of code written... All runs fine etc... But if I change some variables on my program and try to( debug/write) the executable on lpc the debugger stuck it shows on status at the bottom :

[Download] Page 0 at (00000000/00000400) 1024 bytes

after target configuration process on the download process (and keep on a looping with this values and the debugger act led keeps flashing) till I disconect the usb cable( repower the system) and start the debug/run secton again :mad::mad:.
The codes runs fine but I need all the time to disconect and conect again the board!( For sure I quit debug section before start a new one)
But here come a interesting fact! I'am runnig with no optmisation selected!
But after with I select for the build to have optimisation -O1 this problem is gone I suspect it skip or don't write code on this certain flash area so all start to work fine! No need re-power and etc.. I don't know the next bytes that program grows if it will fail to write on this chip area again.

I alredy tested this several times and the problem apear only on the first scenario!
I alredy tried to full erase chip/page but the problem with first scenario still on!
Any help from nxp support guys!?