Unresolved breakpoints

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Fernando on Mon May 23 15:53:21 MST 2011
Hello, I´m having a problem with the inclusion of code libraries.
I configured my workspace to include 3 libraries to work with.
I configured them through the project properties menu, in the "Directories" and "Libraries" tabs (as you can see in the images atached).
Then, I coded a small main() function to test the gpio library. The problem is that I can use the gpio functions from the library. If I set a breakpoint in any function of the "lpc17xx_gpio.c" file I get the "unresolved breakpoint" message.
Then I tried to set a breakpoint in other library, the "task.c" file within the FreeRTOS library, and I get the same error message.
Please, I will appreciate any help you can give me. I´m dealing with this since a few hours ago and I coudn´t make it work.

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