LPC-Link Connection Problem

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by dsidlauskas on Sun Jan 26 16:57:14 MST 2014
When I first connect LPC-Link I have a problem getting it to connect. From LPCXpresso, I have to try to flash my target board 3 times before it will connect. After that it works fine until I power down the LPC-Link.

Going into DOS and using bootLPCXpresso HID I get the following:

1. Plug in LPC-Link. Shows up as DFU in Device Manager.

2. Run bootLPCXpresso HID. No error message. Still shows as DFU.

3. Run  bootLPCXpresso HID. Error message, "does not support downloads". Shows as DFU.

4. Run  bootLPCXpresso HID. Same error message. Shows as LPC-Link Probe V1.3 under HID Devices. Now works fine in LPCXpresso.

Why does it always take 3 boots to get this thing going? Didn't used to do that on this system.

64 bit Windows 7.
LPCXpresso version from a couple of days ago.
USB 3.0.  This is new and could be related to this problem.