LPC1114 SPI with 9 bit frame

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by furkan.yuksel on Mon Oct 31 01:49:05 MST 2011
Hi I'm usin LPCexpresso LPC1114, and I'm using examples bundle "NXP_LPCXpresso1114-302_2011-02-07.zip"

In this examples there is an SSP example with 8 bit frame. I need to use it with 9 bit frame and so I changed frame  size with settin DSS to 8.

However, I couldn't communicate with my LCD(by the way, I need this spi to control nokia 6610 color lcd module).

Thus, I thought that there might be something else in the example code to fit my application.

So do you have any idea about my problem, whether it is about my ssp code or anything else?

Thanks in advance,