PLL0 Issues, doesn't seem to change the clock rate!

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by beefok on Sat Nov 12 01:32:41 MST 2011
So I have this LED blinker example running. Now I want to initiate to PLL0 and clock the system at a much higher frequency. I can send all the values for the PLL0, wait for it to lock on, and all of this works well. However, I do not notice a difference in the speed of the LED blinking. What am I missing? Why isn't the LED blinking faster? My PLL0 output should be around 84~MHz. My values are 0x01 for CLKSRCSEL, 0x0015013A for PLL0CFG, and CCLKCFG has a value of 0x00000003. I made my example in both C with the CMSIS lib and in pure ASM. They both blink perfectly fine.. but the speed is the same as it was with the default values of RESET! What gives?