Debbuging problem while change boards

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Marco.Haeuser on Tue Sep 06 09:12:44 MST 2011
Hi everone,

i've a little problem.
I started to play arround with  a lpc1114 on the xpresso board and at first tried to get an 12 Mhz Clkout at the clkout Pin, all this under the blinky-example.

After some testing this worked very fine on the lpc1114.
Today i would have lieked to test the same program on the lpc11c24(just arrived on a xpresso evaluation board) caus we will need some CAN-support on our target application later on...

Anyway i take the lpc11c24 example set an importet it exactly like the first on and changed it in the same way for the clkout (no miracles;)). I've renamed the old blinky project to blinky-1114 within the explorer while the xpresso software was ofline. After doing my changes the software told me:

"2 debug configurations found in blinky. Select configuration to use."

But there is only one axf file in this direction and in addition nevermind wich axf i choose he always gave me the folowing fail-code:

"No emulator or board available.
This could be because it is unpowered, unconnected or already in use"

I hope someone can help me, cause i tried around for several hours but i can't solve the problem.

Software restart, shifting the old blinky example away and stuff like that didn't work anyway. Perhabs usefull to know: there are now warnings or errors reportet while building the project.

Thanks for help