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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Tarakan on Tue May 10 00:03:55 MST 2016
Hi. I use LPC Link2 1 year as CMSIS DAP with Keil MDK. About a week ago MDK started with report RDDI-DAP error (MDK v5.18). (In MDK v5.15 report "SWD/JTAG Comunication Failure")
I tried:
a) New flash firmware to LPC Link2 with LPC Link 2 Configuration Tool
b) Second board LPC Link2
c) Remove and new instaling driver with lpc_driver_setup.exe
d) Instalink Keil MDK and everything another to second notebook
All with the same result. :-( Work on two projects with LPC824 stands.
Any idea?  Thank you.