LPC4337 Power Consumption Problem (more than 200mA)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by razor9119 on Thu Jan 08 13:25:16 MST 2015
I have both ngx expresso and keil mcb board. Also i made custom board with their reference circuitry. I tried all same code on these boards. But whatever i do, they have more than 200mA power consumption at 5v. So they have far more than 200mA consumption at 3.3v. I used both keil and ngx libraries. But i couldnt figure out why.

In the datasheet, power consumption is ~80mA at full speed.

Any suggestion in both software and hardware is ok for me. Core m0 is in reset while boot. If you have lowest possbile power cons. software project, please send that project. I want to try it. I need to figure out what is the problem ? software or hardware ?

*I made this custom board with keil mcb4300 and ngx expresso reference circuity.