Using LPCOpen with Keil uVision on Keil MCB 4350 board

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Dear members,

I am new to the NXP MCUs and to the Keil environment. Also to LPCOpen.
So no wonder I am running into issues.

My question is simple. I am familiarising myself with my development environment using the stuff in the subject of the post.
Ideally, I would like to use a package lpcopen_2_04_keil_iar_keil_mcb_4350, but since it does not exist, I had to settle for using lpcopen_2_04_keil_iar_keil_mcb_4357; i.e. I am using a different CPU/development board.

I have started with the freertos_blinky example. I changed my configuration to target the LCP4350 instead of the LCP4357; taking the examples provided with the Keil uVision environment (C:\Keil\ARM\Boards\Keil\MCB4300\Blinky) but I get very strange behavior like obvious breakpoints not hit, flash verification errors (not all the time), things like that.

So my questions are:

1) Does someone have the equivalent of lpcopen_2_04_keil_iar_keil_mcb_4357 ported to the mcb_4350?
2) If that is not the case, what changes will I need to make in the Keil projects to use the 4350?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Juan Rodriguez