LPC4370 - very high power consumption

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I have used devices based on various MCUs, however, I am new to LPC MCU family.
Can someone point me to sample schematics with minimum components required to connect a LPC4370-TFBGA100 MCU (powered by USB bus) with W25Q80BVSSIG flash and XC6227C331PR-G power regulator to a USB Host ? I am trying to test my proto board which is based on the LPC Link 2 schematics, however the MCU is getting very hot and it is consuming up to 300 mA. The MCU boots from the flash correctly and runs the code (the code basically initialize the USB and will make it ready for connections) but after 20 seconds it is getting very hot and after about 5 minutes it will start failing (the USB host will not see the USB device anymore). Exact the same code runs on LPC Link 2 board without any issues. I have tried to reduce the MCU power by switching to an external 3v voltage power source, also used different compatible SPIFI flash chips however the hight consumption still persists. The power consumption may jump from 190mA to 300mA or be in between of those values. It seems like it doesn't matter what code I run, the MCU will still get very hot.
Can someone point me to any component/implementation guidelines or some sample connection schematics?  It seems like I am missing something. Any input appreciated. thank you.