Initializing & defning array of data on external Flash via SPIFI intrerface

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ashgupta28 on Wed Dec 03 04:49:28 MST 2014
I want to place these data at 0x14000000 (memory mapped area of external flash)
__DATA(RAM6) uint32_t spifi_buffer_a[1024];
__DATA(RAM6)  uint32_t spifi_buffer_b[1024];

I have already initialized the Spifi inside Board_SystemInit(); function. BUT i the code is jumping to hard fault handler.
I have created an extra RAM_SPIFI named RAM6 in MCU Settings of LPC Xpresso with starting address 0x14000000 & size as 0x1000.

After initializing SPIFI flash interface & setting it in memory mode, How i am able to initialize any variable at 0x14000000 memory area.

Thanks in advance :)