2 16bit SDRAM interfacing vs one 32-bit SDRAM interfacing

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i'm working with LPC1788 and i have working LPC1788 development board, in that development board 2 SDRAM use for LCD data
One SDRAM for D0 to D15 and other for D16 to D31, all control lines and adress lines are common for both SDRAM. this board work fine.
SDRAM use: 4M X 16 bit X 4 banks
Part No: MT48LC16M16A2 , Micron

but in my own design board , i'm facing problem with SDRAM,
SDRAM used : 2M X32Bit X 4 banks
Part No: EM638325TS-6G, Etron
also tried with : MT48L2M32B2, micron

with LCD initialize:
1) when trying to write 0xFFFFFFFF data to SDRAM controller hang and not responding

without LCD:
no problem issue complete SDRAM read write function work

can anybody tell me
1) why two 16bit SDRAM use for LCD data
2) if any body have any solution plz share