Question about the bandwidth test app

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cgha on Fri Nov 23 01:20:04 MST 2012
I want to test the LPC1768 board usb bandwidth in bulk mode, but the firmware project is using LPCXpresso IDE, so I just use a general usb bulk prject that I migrate from keil mdk and it use keil usb stack , and I use libusb-win inf-wizard create the driver file, tested with libusb bulk example, it works. But the problem is When I try to use the LPCUsbTest in the bandwidth test project, it can not find my device even I changed the guid in the project(I just copy the guid from inf file and replaced the guid defined in LPCDISPLAY_GUID_STRING). So what should I do if I want to do the test?