new created project file is not working on my lpc board

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i am new to lpcexpresso IDE,I have installed LPCXpresso v6.1.4_194 tool and i want to work on FreeRTOS so i get the lpc1768 source example from freertos.org attached here that zip file and  also when i am going to use that examples and within that example main.c file i can change the code  build it and burn to my lpc board its is working fine but when i go to create new project, build it and burn to my lpc board it wont response may be problem in creating new project i don't exactly but main.c code same in both project,even i didn't get  led blinking  through gpio also.

i hope u understand my problem and please give me the solution

thank u in advance for your reply.....


chethan kumar

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