Emwin Library Function GUI_JPEG_Draw() generates hardfault and sometimes stuck inside this function

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by ankit.sciter on Sun Jan 03 21:31:20 MST 2016
  i have interfaced Touch Graphics lcd(with SSD1963 controller) with EA LPC1788 Development board successfully by displaying "Hello World" on LCD Using EmWin Library.I have stored jpeg image of size 300KB on SD Card.i have also used External onboard SDRAM to copy contents of image from SDCard.  My problem is When i display jpeg image on lcd using Library Function GUI_JPEG_Draw(ram_acimages, 202057, 0, 0),it
generates Hardfault Error or sometimes stuck inside the function.

i have defined a array ram_acimages[300000] located on external ram.

i have defined the available bytes for GUI is:
#define GUI_NUMBYTES  (1048576 *15)      located on External ram starts from 0xA0000000 //15MB

i am sure that data read from SD card of image is correct by comparing with data created by GUI Builder software of EmWin of that image.

Please Reply as soon as possible.Thank you in Advance.