LPCopen 2.x and USB Mass Storage??

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Hi all,

After a six years break, I just started playing around with LPCs. On my desk I have a LPC11u68 board (and also a 1769 one).

I'd like to implement mass storage (MSC) functionality into my firmware. However, I can not find any up-to-date sample code.
The latest thing I found so far is the code example provided by version 1.03 (unfortunately for the wrong chip)... For a beginner, like me, it is very hard to migrate this code (chip AND lpcopen version). Especially when you have read post like this: http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/hw-init-and-hw-getmemsize-return-seemingly-incorrect-values#comment-1131480

Can you please point me to the correct USB MSC demo implementation  :~

Is it possible to have a MSC running in parallel with a CDC at the same chip? That is so to say "two USB devices at once"

Thanks in advance,