Flash 1 Programming on the MC68HC908GZ60

Discussion created by Cyril GAILLARD on Apr 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by Isaac Usieto

I am trying to develop some in-Can programmability for the the uC MC68HC908GZ60. Basically I am loading an external RAM with bytes that represent  the updated version of the binary code that is supposed to be programmed in Flash 1.
Some functions in Flash 2 read the RAM, do an mass erase of Flash 1 and program Flash 1. The problem I am having is to write the interrupt and reset vectors. They start at address $FFCC and according to the datasheet, I am supposed to write the entire row, starting a $FFC0. However, the bytes from the address $FFC0 to $FFCC are reserved according to the datasheet and thus i am not supposed to programmed them.
Is it a problem with the datasheet or am I missing something?