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T1040 : SFP on serdes

Question asked by Manjula Rajesh on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by Amit Kumar

On T1040 based board, we are using serdes protocol -0x69 ;


We have two  sgmii interfaces on board:

X1 on Lane1-FMmac3

X1 on Lane6-FMmac4

the above sgmii links are connected  directly to SFPs without any PHYs.

The SGMII interfaces have been assigned PHY-ADDRESSES as 0x0c, 0x0d respectively.


Note :In RDB, realtek-RTL8211DN phy is used to interface SGMII link on X1 on Lane1-FM-



In section 31.5.4 of reference manual,It is mentioned that:

The SGMII MDIO register space is selected when the associated

SGMIInCR1[MDEV_PORT] matches the Ethernet MAC PHY address



when I referred to u-boot code I could not find writing to SGMIInCR1 registers the

values what I observed in register-log for Serdes_SGMIICCR1 and Serdes_SGMIIDCR1 is



I am trying to ping over SFPs not happening. What more has to initialized in u-boot/

linux to bring up these links.


thanks in advance