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KDS 3.2.0 Behavior

Question asked by Richard Fox on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Richard Fox

I randomly suspend execution of the program being debugged. When I resume

execution, the program breaks at the instruction that was being executed at

the time of the suspend. This is causing me trouble because I am trying to

collect function execution times. I cannot reach the breakpoint which is where

I want to suspend to observe timings, without hitting this temporary breakpoint

which is always applied. It only gets removed by manually removing it. And

then it comes back.I have been using KDS for several months, and this never

happened before.


Also, I have been planting breakpoints in a particular file for many weeks. Now

suddenly whenever I attempt to plant a breakpoint, KDS prompts for entering

a "Book Mark". I have not been able to resolve this by performing a clean build.

Changing code in the file, re-compiling, and restarting the program execution

does not fix this. This just all of a sudden happened. For the past week I have

not been able to plant breakpoints in this file. What will resolve this?