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Question asked by Chen Miao on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by Martin Kovar

In the example of MPC5775K-ADC_example-S32DS.I see a segment :ETIMER_1.ENBL.R = 0x0;and there are lots of similar segments :ETIMER_1.CH[2].CMPLD1.R = (uint16_t) ADC_1.CDR[0].B.CDATA;I want to know what is the meaning of the last letter ‘ R’.

I have bought the daughter card MPC5775K_356DS. But I don't have the Reference manual of MPC5775K. So I don't know the range of the ADC .  At J20 ,the names of SD ADC are SD_1_ADCN and SD_1_ADCP ,I consider 'N' and 'P' as negative and positive .So can I take sample of negative voltage??

I use the example of MPC5775K-ADC_example-S32DS. But the ADC_interrupt seems not to be automatically invoked or triggered. and I only can sample the value of the first point,other points are '0'. Why?How to sample the complete signal?And how to view the graph of the sample table?

The ADC of the MPC5775K seems to have two mod : SAR and sigdet .How to configure the mod sigdet?