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Will PCM Alt Setting for a pin over-ride a SPI Slave mode pin assignment?

Question asked by joe hinkle on May 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by joe hinkle

KL17 micro - 32 pins.  SPI1_PCS shares the same pin as FlexIO_D4.  I need to use SPI1 in slave mode AND I need FlexIO_D4.  The User's manual on the KL17 series states that if SPI1 is set to be a SLAVE, then the SS pin (SPI1_PCS0) is automatically set to perform the chip select function.  BUT I don't want that pin as a chip select, I want it as FlexIO_D4.  If I set the PCM Alt value for that pin to FLEXIO_D4 -- will that over-ride the SPI1 Slave mode use for the pin? 

Thanks for any comments.