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Codewarrior 6.3 license error

Question asked by Kamelia Bakiri on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by ZhangJennie

Dear support team,


Currently I m trying to set up my Codewarrior 6.3 / 6.4 and I have an issue with license.

When I use CW v 6.3 I have a message that says " Unable to use the plugin ' Embedded Coldefire Linker". It is licensed and a valid license key was not find.....


And with CW v 6.4 the binary files are not generated when I hit "make" it seems like the compiling is done but not the files linking.

For both of them I tried the 3 types of licenses :

- Dongle

- Ethernet node locked

- Disk node locked


Please could you provide any support for the issue ?


Thank you in advance.




Kamelia Bakiri


Firmware Engineer - Schlumberger