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The FEC can't clear the R bit in the TxBD on MPC5675K.

Question asked by yachuan liu on May 13, 2016

Hi everybody,

For some reasons, we used a core optimization example got from Freescale to increase the CPU operating rate. Then when I transplant the FEC program to the core optimization example, the FEC can’t clear the R bit in the transmit buffer descriptors. But The MPC5675K FEC can clear the TxBD’s R bit in the official FEC demo, and the R bit can be cleared when I delete the “DCache_init()” in the "Core_optimizations()"(you can find these program in the below accessory "Optimization.c").

Then, I would like to know how to solve this problem without deleting the “DCache_init()”. If the information is not enough, please contact me. Thank you.    

Best regards.

YaChuan !

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