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iMX6UL Power Management and clock control module (CCM)

Question asked by Joe Dougherty on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by igorpadykov

In trying to reduce power consumption on iMX6UL using clock gating control in the CCM, some of the clocks are not well defined in the reference manual (IMX6ULRMRev. 1, 04/2016) Can anyone clarify what the following clocks do? Refer to Chapter 18 of the reference manual.

CCM_CCRG6 .CG11 - anadig clocks (anadig_clk_enable). Assume for ADC module but not referenced in ADC chapter. Search of “anadig” in RM doesn’t show much.

CCM_CGR5.CG1 - stcr clock (stcr_clk_enable). Search of “stcr” doesn’t show much. Assume this is audio related.

CCM_CGR4.CG4 - cxapbsyncbridge slave clock (cxapbsyncbridge_slave_clk_enable) – Nothing in RM.

CCM_CGR5.CG8 - sim_main clock (sim_main_clk_enable) – Nothing in RM

CCM_CGR1.CG9 - sim_s clock (sim_s_clk_enable) - Nothing in