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8308 hwconfig word

Question asked by hyoung kim on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by alexander.yakovlev

hello experts


my board use a flash  for hw reset configration word  ( CFG_RESET_SORUCE is  NOR FLASH)

i changed hw reset configration word to change core clock

but after re-program a flash   a  board won't boot

and hard reset  signal from 8308  is asserted   ( never de-asserted)   so i can't use codewarriror usb tap to re-program a flash

i checked CS0 and address line  singals  and they are  working  ( i think  mpc8308 tries to get valid hw reset configration word)


if hw reset configration is wrong     can mpc8308   assert hard reset signal ?

than  how can i re-program a flash ?


thanks you