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imx6solox RAM memory space not enough problem

Question asked by Wei Gao on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by Yuri Muhin


   I am currently using the imx6solox platform for debugging M4 kernel. The project is based on FreeRTOS system, and debugging the project using RPMSG example. Some relevant drivers codes are increased in the project folder. When I built the project, then IAR IDE compiler prompted: " memory space (RAM) is not enough". ( I have the impression that the size of M4 output the 'xxx.Bin' file should be not more than 32K).


   After that, I refer to the chip manual, M4 kernel space for TCM is about 64KB, size of OCRAM is 68K. The demo of  RTOS protocol is almost 20K (project output .bin file), it is really hard to add more codes in the project which is based on FreeRTOS system. In other words, it is hard to add new .c or .h files in the RTOS project. And also , I attached picture below which is the code memory space by default, if I change the setting of memory space (for example: the increase of memory address length), the IDE can compile, but whether it will affect my code running? For example, whether it will be be a memory address conflict during the running, or  a period of time the problem will be occurred?



I am looking forward to your reply, many thanks.