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Soft lock issue in i.mx53

Question asked by praveen verma on Mar 23, 2016
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We are using IMX53 based custom board & linux 2.6.35 kernel.

We have some test scripts for interfaces, while running the script the system get stuck into soft lock.

The flow of test script is as below:


<test routine for interface>    /* perform interface test*/

<can interface up>    /* Making up the can interface*/

cansend $CAN_DEVICE -i $CAN_MSG  /*send the interface test result over can*/

echo " print 1"

sleep 1  /* here the system goes into soft lock mode */

echo " print 2"  /* This print never comes on debug port.*/

<can interface down>  /* making down the can interface */


If I comment the "sleep 1", the test scripts runs fine & system never goes into soft lock.

Please help me to debug this issue. Is the problem in our can driver?

How sleep is causing the soft lock?

or there is a bug in our kernel, softlock due to sleep command is a sideeffect of that bug?


After enabling the Debug print, I can see following oops message.


BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [sh:1113]

Modules linked in:

Pid: 1113, comm:                   sh

CPU: 0    Not tainted  (2.6.35-ts-armv7l+ #85)

PC is at __do_softirq+0x4c/0x128

LR is at __do_softirq+0x38/0x128

pc : [<8006fc88>]    lr : [<8006fc74>]    psr: 20000113

sp : 8dc35df8  ip : 8d00052c  fp : 809d3778

r10: 80000013  r9 : 7f82243c  r8 : 807ddb80

r7 : 0000000a  r6 : 00000000  r5 : 807ddbc4  r4 : 00000040

r3 : 00000000  r2 : 8dc34000  r1 : 00000003  r0 : 807ddb80

Flags: nzCv  IRQs on  FIQs on  Mode SVC_32  ISA ARM  Segment user

Control: 10c5387d  Table: 7dc58019  DAC: 00000015

Kernel panic - not syncing: softlockup: hung tasks

[<8004af70>] (unwind_backtrace+0x0/0xe0) from [<80387644>] (panic+0x58/0xd4)

[<80387644>] (panic+0x58/0xd4) from [<800943b0>] (softlockup_tick+0x154/0x180)

[<800943b0>] (softlockup_tick+0x154/0x180) from [<800758d4>] (update_process_times+0x30/0x50)

[<800758d4>] (update_process_times+0x30/0x50) from [<8008a968>] (tick_sched_timer+0x84/0xb8)

[<8008a968>] (tick_sched_timer+0x84/0xb8) from [<800827c8>] (__run_hrtimer.isra.23+0x84/0xd8)

[<800827c8>] (__run_hrtimer.isra.23+0x84/0xd8) from [<80082ed8>] (hrtimer_interrupt+0x124/0x2c0)

[<80082ed8>] (hrtimer_interrupt+0x124/0x2c0) from [<800562ec>] (mxc_timer_interrupt+0x24/0x34)

[<800562ec>] (mxc_timer_interrupt+0x24/0x34) from [<80094b60>] (handle_IRQ_event+0x24/0xdc)

[<80094b60>] (handle_IRQ_event+0x24/0xdc) from [<800963a8>] (handle_level_irq+0xb0/0x12c)

[<800963a8>] (handle_level_irq+0xb0/0x12c) from [<80046068>] (asm_do_IRQ+0x68/0x84)

[<80046068>] (asm_do_IRQ+0x68/0x84) from [<8004690c>] (__irq_svc+0x4c/0xcc)

Exception stack(0x8dc35db0 to 0x8dc35df8)

5da0:                                     807ddb80 00000003 8dc34000 00000000

5dc0: 00000040 807ddbc4 00000000 0000000a 807ddb80 7f82243c 80000013 809d3778

5de0: 8d00052c 8dc35df8 8006fc74 8006fc88 20000113 ffffffff

[<8004690c>] (__irq_svc+0x4c/0xcc) from [<8006fc88>] (__do_softirq+0x4c/0x128)

[<8006fc88>] (__do_softirq+0x4c/0x128) from [<80070138>] (irq_exit+0x48/0x98)

[<80070138>] (irq_exit+0x48/0x98) from [<8004606c>] (asm_do_IRQ+0x6c/0x84)

[<8004606c>] (asm_do_IRQ+0x6c/0x84) from [<8004690c>] (__irq_svc+0x4c/0xcc)

Exception stack(0x8dc35e48 to 0x8dc35e90)

5e40:                   807aa720 80000013 8da99a80 00000001 80000013 00000000

5e60: 000000c0 807aa6f0 000000d0 00000020 80000013 809d3778 00000060 8dc35e90

5e80: 8038bbe0 8038bbe4 60000013 ffffffff

[<8004690c>] (__irq_svc+0x4c/0xcc) from [<8038bbe4>] (_raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x10/0x38)

[<8038bbe4>] (_raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore+0x10/0x38) from [<800bd19c>] (slob_alloc.isra.14+0xe4/0x1f4)

[<800bd19c>] (slob_alloc.isra.14+0xe4/0x1f4) from [<800bd360>] (kmem_cache_alloc_node+0x20/0x7c)

[<800bd360>] (kmem_cache_alloc_node+0x20/0x7c) from [<800d3314>] (dup_fd+0x28/0x2f4)

[<800d3314>] (dup_fd+0x28/0x2f4) from [<80069ba0>] (copy_process.part.46+0x37c/0xbe0)

[<80069ba0>] (copy_process.part.46+0x37c/0xbe0) from [<8006a5dc>] (do_fork+0x1b4/0x380)

[<8006a5dc>] (do_fork+0x1b4/0x380) from [<80046e00>] (ret_fast_syscall+0x0/0x30)

Serial reinitilized!