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Data sharing between S12x and Xgate

Question asked by rahul krishna on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by rahul krishna

1.I am sharing some data (RAM) between s12x and xgate i know there should be data alignment between S12x

and Xgate. I am not sure whether my project follows data alignment. How to know this?

2.Should the shared data be always located in non banked RAM memory or it can be in Banked memory?

I have shared the data in banked memory. Any extra care need to be taken in case of sharing data in paged memory.

3.If the alignment is not proper between xgate and s12x, what will be the behaviour of the code.  Is the data retrieved will always be wrong or sometimes we get the expected value and sometimes unexpected value.

4.Can I copy the data from one paged memory to another paged memory? Am I correct that data can be copied

from any paged memory to the non paged memory.