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How to change the MAC Address in Android Lollipop

Question asked by James Pieterick on Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Everyone,



I am working on a custom design that is based upon the SabreSD reference design. We are running Android Lollipop on this device. We were previously running Android Kitkat on it and we were using the procedure described in the following to change the MAC address on each of our units.


How do I change the MAC address on a system that is base on the SabreSD reference design?


In the above discussion the imxotp command is used in uboot to blow the appropriate fuses. This command does not appear to be available in the version of uboot that came with Android lollipop (U-Boot 2014.04). How do I change the MAC address without the imxotp command? Alternatively, is there a way to add the imxopt command to uboot in our build?



Thanks for any help.


Jim Pieterick