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MCF52223 Usb host

Discussion created by Michele Da Rold on Feb 18, 2008
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Hi all,
I'm new to freescale coldfire MCF5222x family. I'm using for test M52223EVB.

I have downloaded the lastet CMX_USB_LITE stack from freescale site. I have build the demo for usb host mass storage.

When I try to read the 128Mb usb stick (ship the evb) I have no problem, the same for my usb stick of 512Mb. I can read all the file and directory in usb stick.

The problems came with usb stick of 1gb, the demo reply "Request failed" when I ask for "dir" command. The software recognize the usb stick but I have this problem.

Is due to ffs thin flash files system that I'm using or because I have a particular usb stick not recognized by the usb host driver?

I have underdstand that the thin-lib.a shipped this cmx_usb_lite is a SuperThin Build, i'm right?

Is available the source code of cmx-ffs-thin or there is a build without superthin option? or I must to buy It from cmx?

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