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Forming a ZigBee network by ZigBee Test Client (ZTC)

Question asked by Dias Kuo on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Dias Kuo

Hi everyone,


I am a newbie here, and my English is not very good. Sorry about that.

I found below descriptions on page 59, Chapter 5, ZTC Frame Format, BeeStack BlackBox ZigBee Test Client (ZTC), BSBBZTCRM.pdf.

All communication with the ZTC protocol can be accomplished using two interface

- A three wire UART connection (...)

- A three wire I2C connect (...)


Would you please tell me can ZTC support over SPI?


BeeKit shows a warning message window when I export my project enabled both Keyboard (KB) and SPI modules.

Do I need the KB for a ZigBee coordinator device?


An open system (no security) Wi-Fi connection flow between a wireless client and an access point (AP) is probe request (req)/response (rsp), authentication req/rsp and association req/rsp.

Where can I find a ZigBee connection flow between a coordinator and a end device?


I would like to know which ZTC commands do I need to send out from host to the coordinator to communicate with ZigBee end device via SPI?

Would you please give me some examples for forming a ZigBee network and toggling a light using ZigBee technology?


Thank you for taking your time to read my questions.


Best regards,