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KL27Z256 USB CDC communication using KDS 3.0/KSDK 1.3.0 and PEx

Question asked by Andre Lemke on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2016 by Andre Lemke

Hi! I'm new here in this community and in the world of ARM processors...


I'm working with the KL27 microcontroller series and I had some problems to make USB CDC communications work.

I follow some articles on the internet, and I saw that some people had troubles with the Kinetis Software Devlopment Kit, and solve it in simple ways.


The main problem is that I'm using the KL27Z256 microcontroller in a project. I can't use de "virtual_com" example provided by KSDK, because it's dedicated to KL27Z64 or FRDM-KL27 and I'm not getting sucess changing just the series number of microntroller in the compiler configurations.

Well... I found another article on the web, in this forum I think, here is the link: USB Device CDC on KSDK PEx components and KDS 3.0 and KSDK 1.2.0 or KSDK  1.3.0 .


I used the component "fsl_usb_framework" provided by the Processor Expert Library, configured it, and included the libraries from the directory: C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.3.0\usb\usb_core\device\sources\classes.

I tried to use the "fsl_usb descriptors" to generate the "usb_descriptor.c/.h" archives and can't initializate the components. I think it's a bug from PEx!?


Finally, it doesn't work. My Windows show a message like: "unknown device" or "driver error". The image below shows it (sorry portuguese):



I updated the driver from the "virtual_com" example ".inf" for FRDM-KL27Z, and it doesn't work.


Somebody know how can I change the target processor of the "virtual_com" FRDM-KL27Z app example for the KL27Z256 processor?

If we could use the Processor Expert tools with the KSDK  is the best way for me, because I need to use the SPI interfaces and LPUART, and it's the best way for me in this time.


Thank's!!! Sorry my English...