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S08PT/PA Watchdog seems be not working/Delta

Question asked by Yi Min Hsu Employee on Dec 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by Yi Min Hsu

Dear Ben Wang,


My customer Delta has a problem to use S08PA16 watchdog.


I write a CW V10.6 PE test program with Init_WDOG component on S08PT60 tower board. The watchdog seems be not working.

The CW V10.6 debugger even can't work if WDOG_CS1[DBG] is enabled.


I also configure the similar PE code on other platforms S08GB60 and S08LL16, All they can trigger reset periodically.

Can you help to verify my S08PT60 test code in attachment?

Thank you very much.



Application: Offline UPS


LTR: $336K



Moris Hsu MCU FAE

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