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EzPort Cloning

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Dec 20, 2015
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Hi All


I have always been surprised at the limited availability of EzPort programers for production use and some complications involved with their practical use.

After having experienced a number of Coldfire and Kinetis products that have been factory programmed using EzPort it was decided that a general, simple and practical method would often make things simpler.

For this reason the uTasker project has been extended to include an integrated EzPort cloner that allows any device/software to clone itself to other device when they have an EzPort implemented (for example, KL parts don't include EzPort).

The interface is flexible enough to be used to experiment with EzPort operation but optimised enough to allow unsecuring devices, cloning them unsecurely or cloning them securely (that it, the target is also set to the secure mode so that its code can't be read out) with verification, based on a single command.

For simpest use (without need for PC) in the final production environment a push button can be assigned to start the cloning process and the result (pass/failure) displayed on an LED.


A user's guide can be found at

and I have attached a FRDM-K64F software (with command line interface on its Virtual COM UART port at 115.2kBaud) with EzCloner function. It can clone itself to other FRDM-K64Fs as explaned in the guide.





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