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How to enable tsi721 driver for tsi721 SRIO Bridge use?

Question asked by Pratik Bhatt on Dec 8, 2015
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I want to use tsi721 PCIe to SRIO Bridge for converting the PCIe link into SRIO in LS2 Device. For that when i search in kernel i found one driver is present in /drivers/rapidio/devices/tsi721.c path in kernel source code. I just want to know that if i want to use SRIO bridge then i have to enable this driver from somewhere or this driver by default is loaded and when we connect this bridge it will detect bridge automatically.


I have one another question also, If i want to use cps1432 Gen2 SRIO switch which will connect to this SRIO bridge. So for this switch also there is one driver in path /drivers/rapidio/switches/idt_gen2.c. So i have doubt that if we connect this Switch through SRIO Bridge then how Switch will be enumerated or detected as a device. For that also we have to enable something from menuconfig ? When i refer this switch driver i came to conclusion that driver will work for processor which has directly SRIO interface through SerDes Protocol like T4240 but in LS2 that support is not available then How it will work when we connect through cps1432 Switch thorough SRIO Bridge?