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Imx6 SabreLite board ethernet troubles

Question asked by Leonid Andronov on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2016 by Vincent Chou


We have bought several imx6 sabrelite rev-2 boards (6-20-13) which we planned to use in our project replacing imx53 boards. But we have troubles to connect this boards to our ethernet devices (no link or unstable link) . There are also troubles to connect board to commonly used equipment . Some ethernet switches can be connected to sabrelite  boards fine in almost any cases with any cable, some switches work only with certain cables, some devices do not bring link up with any cable. Some gigabit switches can be connected succesfully to sabrelite only with disabled gigabit feature or autonegotiation on imx board but this configuration does not help to connect to other devices. And so on – no system was found yet. It is unpredictable. There was no troubles with ethernet connections on imx53 board…

Has anyone else seen such behavior? Is it a known issue?