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i.MX6DQ: When to provide power with external 32KHz clock cirtuit

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on Nov 26, 2015
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Hello Champs,


From HDG, "Table 2-7. Oscillator and clock recommendations" wrote;


2. External kilohertz source

"The RTC_XTALI signal should not be driven if the VDD_SNVS_CAP supply is off"


Could you explain the purpose of this restriction?


My customer is thinking to use VDD_SNVS_IN from PF0100, dropping to 1.0V to provide power with the external 32KHz clock circuit.


Since VDD_SNVS_CAP is generated from VDD_SNVS_IN with some delay, might there be a condition which applies the above restriction?


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Nori Shinozaki