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TWR-S12G128 LIN Data Not Receiving

Question asked by Deepak Omanna on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by Deepak Omanna

Hi !

I have TWR-S12G128. I am not able to get the LIN Tx data on pin no.2 of COM_EN (Also checked on Pin no. 1). To see the data is receiving or not I have connected Oscilloscope probe to Pin no. 2 of COM_EN and continuously sending data on the LIN bus.

Following settings I have made

1. I have connected LIN Bus to Pin no. 4 of J6. (Pin 1,2,3 are kept open)

2. Pin no. 1-2,3-4 of JP3 LIN_PWR are short.(no slave is connected,no external supply is given).

3. SW6 is ON.

4. All Pins of COM_EN are kept open. (Just want to see data is receiving or not at the pin).

5. PWR_SEL JP5 Pin no. 3-4 are short.


Please suggest to get the data.

Thanks !