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MC9S12ZVC Power consumption in stop-mode

Question asked by Julian Hauser on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by Radek Sestak

In my current application I need to run the µC in stop-mode with the CANPHY in power-down mode to enable a CAN-wake up.
For this setup, the current consumption is required to be below 100uA. @(T_J = 85°C, VSUP=12V, without external PNP for VDDX)


On page 725 of the "MC9S12ZVC-Family Reference Manual and Datasheet" in table "E.1 VREG Electrical Specifications":
-the load current in reduced performance mode (stop mode) and without external PNP transistor is given with I_DDX=  min:0 / max:5 mA.
-the load current of VDDC in reduced performance mode (stop mode) is given with: I_DDC min:0 / max:2.5 mA.


-> Is there a possibility to match the 100uA requirement?

-> Is there a more precise information available about the µC internal load current in stop mode?


In my application a few external components (HEF4094B-shiftregisters) are supplied via the µC internal voltage regulator through the VDDX pins.
The supply of these components needs to be disabled in stop-mode, otherwise it will be impossible to match any quiescent current requirement.


-> Will the 5V output at the VDDX Pins be disabled in stop mode?
-> Is there a possibility (within the µC) to disable the 5V output at the VDDX Pins in stop-mode?