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Behaviour of PGA in MC56F845xx in case of error

Question asked by q1444 Employee on Nov 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by John Winters

Hi all,


customer Diehl are asking a very specific question about the influence of the settings of ADCx_GC1 on the conversion result in case of an error.

This may need help from design to get an answer. Its a question of the customer's FMEA exercise.


Imagine the following setup:



ANA0 is configured to be amplified by 4 (ADCx_GC1_GAIN0 = 01)

ANA1 is configured to be amplified by 1 (ADCx_GC1_GAIN1 = 00)


The question: What happens to the conversion results in RSLT0 and RSLT1 if the analog input multiplexer of ANA is set to channel ANA0 due to an

internal short to 0 of the lowest bit of the multiplexer adressing signal? Meaning that channel ANA0 is selected due to the error although software initiated a conversion of channel ANA1. 

Will the PGA amplify the input signal by 4 or not?