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MCR20A problem with custom board

Question asked by Ronak Panchal on Oct 15, 2015

Hello Everyone,


I have used MCR20A Zigbee chip with Zigbee SMAC stack in my project with MKL26Z256VLH4 micro controller.

I have used FRDM KL26Z and FRDM - MCR20a development board for my prior testing and development.

Now, I am changed my code according to my custom board.

changes are as below:

1.)     Pin outs changed as per used in custom board.

2.)     SPI 0 is used in custom board so changed instance and also pins from SPI1 to SPI0.(development board uses SPI1).


Custom board also contains Power amplifier so enabled PA and LNA control by changing ANT PAD related register in zigbee SMAC stack( no other changes in stack).

my code on development board working proper.(transmit and receive both)

But same code with necessary changes not working properly.


Problems are listed below:

1.) Transmit is working but some packets are lost (1 of 10 is lost).

2.) Receive is not working.


Below is my findings and analysis:


1.) SPI clock of development board is 8 MHZ where as of my custom board is 6 MHZ.

2.) my custom board is working at 2.5 volt.

3.) Whenever i request the data packet to send is gives me an interrupt on IRQ pin but sometimes It does not give an interrupt and that packet is lost.


so any one could have idea what should be the cause for this problem?

SPI clock rate ?


or any other?


Thanks in advance.



Ronak Panchal