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MQX disable semihosting on Vybrid

Question asked by Thomas Fredriksen on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Thomas Fredriksen

A am currently attempting to load an MQX application using a third-party boot-loader (U-Boot). U-Boot itself has been configured to work with my board (a custom Vybrid vf610-based board), and confirmed to function properly.


The MQX application is loaded into U-Boot using CKermit and the "loadb"-command. Before loading, elf-image is converted into a binary using the fromelf-utility, and then packed using the U-Boot "mkimage"-utility, which has been adapted to support booting for MQX (if interested in how I did this, let me know) using the following command:


$ fromelf --bin  --output=mqxapp.bin mqxapp.axf && ${UBOOT_ROOT}/tools/mkimage -A arm -O mqx -T standalone -C none -a 0x80000000 -d mqxapp.bin mqxapp.img


The load addresses has been cross-checked with mapfile.txt and correspond with the indicated entry-point.


The image header of the image is correctly read by U-Boot and the CRC verified:


## Checking Image at 81000000 ...

   Legacy image found

   Image Name:

   Image Type:   ARM MQX Standalone Program (uncompressed)

   Data Size:    283956 Bytes = 277.3 KiB

   Load Address: 80000000

   Entry Point:  80000000

   Verifying Checksum ... OK


I am currently working on a Linux host-system (Ubuntu 14.04) using "ARM DS-5" and "ULINKpro D" debugger.


The issue I am experiencing is that MQX does not actually load unless a debugging session is running. In order to launch a debugging session when loading from U-Boot, I first load MQX into DDR using CKermit before start the debugger using the "Connect Only"-option in the configuration. I then halt the target and load the elf-file mqxapp.axf. Upon doing this, I get the following message in the Debug-view:


     Semihosting server socket created at port 8000

     Semihosting enabled automatically due to semihosting symbol detected in image 'mqxapp.axf'

     set debug-from main


When I continue execution, I am still in U-Boot and able to load boot the image using the "bootm"-command. U-Boot then behaves as expected and loads MQX. From there MQX runs as expected.


However, when not starting the debugger, MQX does not run, executing flow ends up in one of the fault-traps in U-Boot.


From what I can see, the issue may be related to semihosting. I am using MQX's built-in printf, which seems to using semihosting in some way.


Thus, is there a way of disabling semihosting in MQX? A simple release-build does not seem to work.