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Booting a signed image via USB (mfgtool) with i.MX53

Question asked by Bernhard Walle on Oct 1, 2015
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I have a problem booting a HAB-signed u-boot image via the serial download protocol over USB. I'm using the imx_usb_loader on Linux since I have the source code (which I doesn't have if I'm using mfgtool) and it contains detailled debugging output.


The image boots from NAND without problems, so the signature process should be basically correct. contains instructions how to boot a signed image via USB in section "6.2  Signing Code Downloadable with Manufacturing Tool". However, that refers to i.MX 6 and not to i.MX53. My question would be if the i.MX53 also downloads the DCD into RAM and, if it does, what the address is? If I understand the source code and the output of imx_usb_loader correctly, the commands of the DCD are processed directly and the registers are set using memory write (0x0202) commands. So it shouldn't be necessary to authenticate the DCD. But the DCD address of the IVT must be set to 0.


So what I configured the USB loader to do the DCD configuration before and then download a signed u-boot.imx image without a DTD. But it still doesn't work.


Any help? Has anybody managed to boot a signed u-boot on i.MX53 via USB?