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the problem about UART isr

Question asked by wang yufei on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by wang yufei

hello ,it's about the problem about UART ISR


I used to compile environment is KDS3.0

Using a KSDK1.2 and MQX4.2,and my board is frdmk64f


I want to rec data form uart with ISR

but when I install the uart0 isr,

the Interrupt handler is constantly triggered, whatever I have to send or receive data from UART0

I don't know what's the problem

Is it because UART0 is the default input port?

In addition, I want to know why  the code “printf("\ncounter = %d\n", g_isr_data.COUNTER);

could output data to uart0




void new_isr(void *user_isr_ptr)


   MY_ISR_STRUCT_PTR  isr_ptr;



   isr_ptr = (MY_ISR_STRUCT_PTR)user_isr_ptr;


   /* It is common to chain interrupts */

   /* isr_ptr->OLD_ISR(isr_ptr->OLD_ISR_DATA); */







    /** Demonstration of mqx interrupt installation. Works with vector table placed in RW as well as RO memory **/

    g_isr_data.COUNTER      = 0;

    g_isr_data.OLD_ISR_DATA = _int_get_isr_data(SW_IRQ);

    g_isr_data.OLD_ISR      = _int_get_isr(SW_IRQ);



    /* Install MQX isr routine. This function does not change vector table */

    old_isr = _int_install_isr(SW_IRQ, new_isr, &g_isr_data);