Interrupt handling with KSDK and Kinetis Design Studio

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Hello KSDK community:


The Kinetis Software Development Kit is intended to ease evaluation, prototyping and development with Kinetis MCUs. Apart from the Peripheral Drivers, HAL layer, System Services, RTOS abstraction and software stacks, KSDK implements a robust hardware interrupt mechanism.


The attached document is intended to explain the interrupt handling mechanism of KSDK platform and how to use it for baremetal KSDK or "MQX for KSDK" projects. Some of the topics covered are:


>> Interrupt manager

>> Installing vector table in Flash or RAM

>> Interrupt priorities

>> Peripheral IRQ files (fsl_<peripheral>_irq.c)

>> Installing, defining or registering ISRs

>> Callbacks

>> MQX hardware interrupts system

>> Interrupts and callbacks with Processor Expert


The last chapter explains the considerations of interrupt handling when using Kinetis Design Studio in 4 different cases:


1) KSDK baremetal project

2) KSDK baremetal + Processor Expert project

3) MQX for KSDK project

4) MQX for KSDK + Processor Expert project


I hope this document is useful for all of you who have already adopted KSDK as development solution.



/*** UPDATE July 1, 2015 ***/


Document updated for KSDK v1.2 and KDS v3.0.0




Jorge Gonzalez

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