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KL02 SOC based FRDMKL02Z board Floating Point support

Question asked by Anil Nadargi on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Anil Nadargi

We are working on FRDMKL02Z board . Using MQXLite and PE for firmware development .

Some of the functionality within the code requires floating point operations to be supported e.g. atof() API , floating point arithmetic .

But when we perform floating point operations as described above m_text size increases significantly I mean in terms of 10K size difference.


Out initial analysis is as ARM Cortex M0 is used in KL02 series SOC and M0 does not any support FPU , so software based floating point algorithms are triggered which increases the code size (m_text ) .


We have limited FLASH memory on the EVM and need to support mode code on the same platform .


Can you guys recommend any solution to above situation .


Also its will be great if you can low power Freescale SOC which supports FPU .



Thanks In advance .