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MIPI-CSI2 Required Operating Frequency Calculation

Question asked by ko-hey on Sep 7, 2015
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Hi all


I want to know that the i.MX6D can be received 3MP at 60fps with MIPI-CSI2.

In connection with the above, I have question about how to calculate MIPI-CSI2 required operating frequency.


The maximum bandwidth in MIPI-CSI2 4lane is 3,200Mbps (= 800Mbps/lane x 4lane).

Addition for this, there are following examples in RM(Rev3.0).


To be calculated from the example, I think it is overflowed.

The calculation result is below.


6Mpixel x 24bit x 15fps x 1.5cycles/pixel = 3,24Mbps


Does my calculation is wrong ?

Please tell me how to calculate.

Also please tell me how to calculate the required operating frequency.



Add info:

I posted the following question before but no one answered.

How to calculate MIPI CSI-2 required operating frequency