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USB to Serial for Gingerbread on BBG?

Question asked by MIKE PETERSEN on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by MIKE PETERSEN

Has anyone completed a port of the serial profile for USB on the i.Mx51 Babbage or i.Mx53 platform running Gingerbread?


I started this port about 10 months ago then got way-laid on other projects:

     Step 1) Porting the support from a new Kernel to the R10 then

     step 2) build hooks into Android.


I completed the Kernel update - but there it sits.


If anyone has completed this effort to so a design based on the BBG-Gingerbread or Mx53-Gingerbread platform will support USB to Serial dongle's PLEASE reply to me or to this post.  It would be MOST appreciated!